Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mainspring wants YOU!

We are a theatre company. We love meeting new people. Here's a taste of what's happened so far, and some exciting news of what's to come!

Over the past year and a half Mainspring Collective has produced:
      1. A 1950’s Medea (by the one and only Euripides) with the sounds of Perry Como and Doris Day, the story told by our charming chorus of picture-perfect housewives;
      2. The tale of a fatherless 13-year-old boy from Clarksdale, Mississippi determined to solve the mysteries of time travel, supplemented with original music and video art;
      3. A hilarious, yet frighteningly poignant, one-act play that shows us where our American idea of ‘progress’ might lead us, both socially and environmentally (appropriately performed at an outdoor art festival)
      4. A devised theater workshop that culminated in the creation of a humorous romp of a play (yet to be produced) about how artists must constantly compromise their integrity get what they want

      Presently housed in the cell theatre, in Chelsea, Mainspring Collective continues to produce new theater (both original works and classics revisited) and hold actor-based play development workshops. In 2009, Mainspring will begin a monthly play-reading series, an opportunity to create further dialogue between playwright and audience.

      Production History: Medea by Euripides, Directed by Hilary Krishnan (Cast, Dates and Production Photos); Legends Myths and Heiroglyphs by Demetrius Wren, Directed by Hilary Krishnan (Cast, Dates and Production Photos); Tina Tupelo by Bridget Fallen, Directed by Hilary Krishnan (Cast, Date); Dream of Me by Alexandria LaPorte, Directed by Hilary Krishnan

      Workshop History: Star-Crossed by Bridget Fallen, Workshop Facilitators: Hilary Krishnan and Jenna Weinberg

Upcoming Productions –

DREAM OF ME, the revival. We're bringing our original hit play back for an extended run at the Players' Theater, an Off Broadway house located in the West Village. Stay tuned for information and how to get your tickets soon.

      Mainspring is also beginning a program called Square1, a summer reading series for new plays. Interested in being a part of its development? Drop a line.

About Us–

      Our Mission: Mainspring Collective is dedicated to developing unique approaches to devising ensemble-based theater using words, movement, music, art and video. We also like to throw parties.

How about YOU?-

      Do you like to paint, sew costumes, build things, file papers, lug around heavy things, and have fun? We love volunteers.

      Are you a playwright? We’re always accepting submissions for workshops, play readings and production.

Are you a performer? We’re always accepting headshots and resumes.

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