Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Chance to See Dream of Me! ONLY 3 PERFORMANCES LEFT!

We're closing in on our final weekend of Dream of Me, we have ONLY THREE SHOWS LEFT!

So come see one of them. Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at 8pm.
115 Macdougal Street (btwn. West 4th and Bleecker), Tickets available at the door or at

Join us for a night of fast-paced, contemporary, and sexy theatre. Time is running out! And there's no time like the present.

If you've seen the show already, come back and get a ticket at the door for ONLY TEN BUCKS.
Bring a friend who hasn't seen it!

AND lastly, thanks again for all of your support. We love you guys. If it wasn't for all of you who came out to see our work, there'd be no reason for us to do it in the first place.

Hope to see you this weekend!

The dames of Mainspring

Check out the new review from below:
James Comtois · May 28, 2009

After lamenting to the audience about how terrible and destructive relationships are, a woman hops on the L train and makes brief eye contact with a stranger. There's...something...there. She wants to talk to the person, but it's too late. She's at her stop and has to leave, never getting the chance to introduce herself or even find out the stranger's name.

Later, having lunch with some friends, someone mentions the "Missed Connections" page on Craigslist, filled with posts from young singles dealing with the situation she just experienced on the train and trying to track down that elusive person they recently met. Sure enough, she later checks out the site, and lo and behold, the attractive stranger has posted a bulletin trying to find her! Does she respond? Of course not: she giggles, and then shuts off her computer.

This is the very familiar world we're given in Dream of Me, a show presented by Mainspring Collective featuring several small, sometimes connected vignettes about singles in New York either seeking love and romance or respite from heartbreak. An ensemble cast (mostly playing unnamed characters) performs songs, dance pieces, short scenes, and semi-vaudevillian-style sketches dealing with breakups, hookups, and the early stages of dating. For the most part, the characters in Dream of Me are trying to avoid the pains inherent to being romantically involved with someone, but wind up getting caught up in the game in spite of themselves.

Alexandria LaPorte's script, inspired by Charles Mee's Fetes de la Nuit, acknowledges that New York is paradoxically both a vibrant city with countless energetic and attractive young singles as well as a very isolating town where it's damn near impossible to make long-lasting connections with people. A glut of options for contacting people (cell phones, texting, email, Facebook pages) has made it more difficult to get in touch with others. A plethora of options in the city for mates and outings has also made it impossible for people to truly know what they're looking for in a relationship.

Some bits that I particularly enjoyed include a scene where a woman is waiting with increased intensity for a text message from a new boyfriend, another woman feeling crushing pain from an ex-boyfriend's relationship status on his Facebook page (revealing a truly new phenomena young singles must face), and an old man offering a walking tour of all his past ex-girlfriends and how they helped shape his relationships with other women.

There's also a particularly poignant conversation, between two women who have broken up where one of them realizes too late that she wants the other back, that many in the audience may find all too familiar. Another man delivers a monologue about how he feels he's dying inside now that his girlfriend has dumped him and moved on, even though he admits he was emotionally cold and distant when they were together.

Under Hilary Krishnan's direction, the show has a very light and funny touch, getting the blend of humor and pathos right without being too heavy-handed. There are multimedia sections, but they're wisely used sparingly; the show favors the real people on the stage over the sporadic video scenes.

The performers in the ensemble—Laine Bonstein, Lila Green, Jimmy Juste, Shawn Rice, Richard Saudek, Amy Temple, Jenna Weinberg, and Julia Zangrilli—are all solid and engaging. Juste in particular shows some sharp comic timing in his multiple roles, especially the ones in drag (okay, so I still find dudes in wigs and dresses funny; sue me). Zangrilli is also a standout in the group: a dynamic stage presence who plays every scene she's in with grace and charm.

Ultimately, Dream of Me offers a great deal of insight and commentary on a subject 99% of New Yorkers will relate to in a very entertaining way. It's at times funny, sweet, frivolous, and poignant, but at no time is it ever false. So, if you can put down your iPhone for 80 minutes and stop worrying about why that person you met in the bar hasn't texted you back, you could do well to check out this show.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The story of Mainspring Collective, published in the nytheatre i!

Still confused about how we came to be? Check out our story, just posted on Martin Denton's blog, the nytheatre i.

Mainspring Collective Collects Good Karma and Gives Back
Today's Good News Item is from Jenna Weinberg of Mainspring Collective:

Dear Martin,

I've been reading your blog (the nytheatre i) for quite some time now and since you began the 'Good News Initiative' theme, I've been wanting to write to you about my own good fortune in working in the theater in New York City.

About 2 years ago, I started a company with a fellow schoolmate from Indiana University and after 3 full length productions (built with a lot of hard work, generous gifts, and tireless fundraising), we are about to move our latest original play to an off-Broadway house for 2 weekends. In looking back, there have been a lot of wonderful things that have happened to us that have allowed us to arrive at this point. I'll try to keep our story brief...but there is no shortage of good news to be shared.

A mentor and dear friend of mine once asked me: "Hilary, do you want a career in theatre or a life in theatre?" This sounded like a trick question to me. Of course I want to work, but I want to work in such a way that will allow me both to grow as an artist and to make way for more professional opportunities. We founded Mainspring Collective with this in mind: the need for an artistic "home" to nurture artists in addition to giving them professional opportunities. But with no money or connections in the theatre world, how and where were we to do it?

We met the owners of the Producers' Club (Ernest and Freddy Tollja) in August of 2007 and they were so inspired by our enthusiasm and work ethic that they agreed to produce our inaugural performance, a 1950s adaptation of Euripides' Medea. Following this, we began working at the Producers' Club, running their office, house managing at night in exchange for free rehearsal/performance space at the theatre. We threw huge fundraising parties and managed to raise almost $8,000 in our first fiscal year thanks to the support of our friends and people we met along the way.

Medea was followed in 2008 by a devised theatre workshop with Bridget Fallen (a Chicago-based playwright) and the World Premiere of Legends, Myths, and Hieroglyphs by Demetrius Wren in the Sonnet Theatre at the Producers' Club.

In January of 2009, when scouting for another space to produce a new play, we came across the cell, a brand new performance space/arts salon in Chelsea. We met with the women who ran the space and they welcomed us with open arms as artists-in-residence for the year. They gave us rehearsal space to develop our original play, Dream of Me (based on Charles Mee's Fetes de la Nuit) as well as our most exciting gift yet: a 3 week run of our new show in the space. The run was successful beyond our wildest dreams, with most performances sold out, and a slew of great reviews from Show Business Weekly, the Greenwich Village Gazette, and, of course,

Which brings us to the latest chapter of good news for Mainspring Collective. One of the theatre managers at the Players Theatre saw and enjoyed Dream of Me so much that he approached me with an idea: In exchange for a portion of our box office, the Players Theatre would be willing to co-produce an extended run of Dream of Me for a two weekend run. It was an unexpected opportunity, and we knew we had to take it.

So here we are. Dream of Me opens off-Broadway in one week. We have no idea what's going to happen, and whether or not our new publicity tactics (a relentless guerilla campaign of shock and awe going on in the West Village as we speak) are going to work. We can only hope for the best and try to make the best of each new opportunity as it presents itself.

That is our story. It's the kind of story of good fortune and hard work that makes me believe that one can be successful in this crazy world of theatre, even while the economy and national morale are suffering. In fact, I think those things make theatre more important and necessary than ever.

Thank you for all of your help in promoting our shows over the past two years. And thank you for taking the time to let me share this with you.


Jenna Weinberg
Executive Director
Mainspring Collective

Send in your Good News Theatre stories -- I think these are very inspirational and valuable for our community to know about!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dream of Me Trailer debut. It's so evocative, you won't know what to do with yourself after you watch it.

All performances are at The Players Theatre located at 115 MacDougal Street. Dates are listed below:

Thurs. 5/28 AND Thurs. 6/4
Fri. 5/29 AND Fri. 6/5
Sat. 5/30 AND Sat. 6/6

All performances are at 8:00pm

**This performance contains nudity**


*Make sure to use the PROMO code: PreDream, when purchasing your ticket to get the discount.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

About Dream of Me

_MG_9687-vi, originally uploaded by mainspringcollective.

From Director, Hilary Krishnan:

This is a play about love. It was born out of our experiences and
memories — and now stands as a collection of dreams.
In resurrecting our own experiences with love and relationships,
we acknowledged a universal dichotomy: love inflicts upon us the
greatest of pain yet the greatest of joy. In our search to find a balance
between these two, we discovered that it lies in our most innocent
child-like worldview and our ability to take great risks without concern-
ing ourselves with the consequences. Isn’t it true that when we live
our life with unbridled abandon, we are able to discover so much more
about ourselves? In creating this play, we began to understand that
without our tragic life experiences, without heartbreak, we couldn’t
truly appreciate the beautiful moments.

The way we experience love is also shaped greatly by our surround-
ings. New York City is a place of great cultural diversity, the most intel-
lectual of minds, total sexual liberation and a vibrant youth. The pace
of our environment, the demands she places upon us, the urban aes-
thetic — all of these things play a big part in the development of
our relationships.

Each vignette in Dream of Me reveals a few of our secrets and contains some stories we’ve collected over the past few months. Their unity does not exist in traditional theatrical conventions. There is no beginning, middle and end. The glue that holds our play together is the
love we have for it, the love we have for each story told. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Buy your tickets to the Off-Broadway run of Dream of Me here

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dream of Me

dreammock, originally uploaded by mainspringcollective.

HUGE news from Mainspring Collective!!

Our original play, Dream of Me is moving to the Players Theatre (an OFF BROADWAY house) for two weeks this spring!

Following a nearly sold out run at the cell theatre in Chelsea, Dream of Me (a fast paced series of vignettes featuring original music, dance, and video art) is moving to a 180 seat off Broadway house in the West Village for ONLY TWO WEEKENDS!

Kicking yourself for missing it the first time? Now's your chance to make things right and enjoy that fabulous night at the theater you deserve.

All performances are at The Players Theatre located at 115 MacDougal Street. Dates are listed below:

Thurs. 5/28 AND Thurs. 6/4
Fri. 5/29 AND Fri. 6/5
Sat. 5/30 AND Sat. 6/6

All performances are at 8:00pm

**This performance contains full nudity**


*Make sure to use the PROMO code: PreDream, when purchasing your ticket to get the discount

Saw the show and loved it? See it again!
AND tell your friends...
We're counting on you to spread the word... because Mainspring Collective is moving one whole "off" closer to Broadway!

Check out the press release below, along with some reviews!

Mainspring Collective, in collaboration with The Players Theatre, presents Dream of Me, a multi-media theatre piece based on Charles Mee's 'Fetes de la Nuit'. Set in New York City, the play (written by Alexandria LaPorte and directed by Hilary Krishnan) is a voyeuristic exploration of love, youth, naiveté, and the struggle for finding fulfillment, both in and out of relationships.

This multi-media work infuses text inspired by Charles Mee with video art, original music, memorable performances, and innovative dance. The resulting vignettes are an eye-popping series embarking upon the complexity of human relationships and life in the city.

"A poignant and passionate piece, it explores the deepest sorrows and boundless joys that love inflicts on the hearts of New York City dwellers. Dream of Me is a powerful, inherently human work that is a must-see for anyone who ponders the profundity of love and appreciates theater that stimulates the mind."
Kristin Forte for Show Business Weekly.

"Fueled by a young and vibrant cast, the piece lightly touches on every aspect of sex and relationships, cleverly illustrating the anxiety and the freedom of the modern hunt for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Men dress as women, anything can happen, and nothing is sacred. But just like that, Dream of Me morphs into a poignant piece, contemplating the softer moments between us."
Mark DeFrancis for

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mainspring wants YOU!

We are a theatre company. We love meeting new people. Here's a taste of what's happened so far, and some exciting news of what's to come!

Over the past year and a half Mainspring Collective has produced:
      1. A 1950’s Medea (by the one and only Euripides) with the sounds of Perry Como and Doris Day, the story told by our charming chorus of picture-perfect housewives;
      2. The tale of a fatherless 13-year-old boy from Clarksdale, Mississippi determined to solve the mysteries of time travel, supplemented with original music and video art;
      3. A hilarious, yet frighteningly poignant, one-act play that shows us where our American idea of ‘progress’ might lead us, both socially and environmentally (appropriately performed at an outdoor art festival)
      4. A devised theater workshop that culminated in the creation of a humorous romp of a play (yet to be produced) about how artists must constantly compromise their integrity get what they want

      Presently housed in the cell theatre, in Chelsea, Mainspring Collective continues to produce new theater (both original works and classics revisited) and hold actor-based play development workshops. In 2009, Mainspring will begin a monthly play-reading series, an opportunity to create further dialogue between playwright and audience.

      Production History: Medea by Euripides, Directed by Hilary Krishnan (Cast, Dates and Production Photos); Legends Myths and Heiroglyphs by Demetrius Wren, Directed by Hilary Krishnan (Cast, Dates and Production Photos); Tina Tupelo by Bridget Fallen, Directed by Hilary Krishnan (Cast, Date); Dream of Me by Alexandria LaPorte, Directed by Hilary Krishnan

      Workshop History: Star-Crossed by Bridget Fallen, Workshop Facilitators: Hilary Krishnan and Jenna Weinberg

Upcoming Productions –

DREAM OF ME, the revival. We're bringing our original hit play back for an extended run at the Players' Theater, an Off Broadway house located in the West Village. Stay tuned for information and how to get your tickets soon.

      Mainspring is also beginning a program called Square1, a summer reading series for new plays. Interested in being a part of its development? Drop a line.

About Us–

      Our Mission: Mainspring Collective is dedicated to developing unique approaches to devising ensemble-based theater using words, movement, music, art and video. We also like to throw parties.

How about YOU?-

      Do you like to paint, sew costumes, build things, file papers, lug around heavy things, and have fun? We love volunteers.

      Are you a playwright? We’re always accepting submissions for workshops, play readings and production.

Are you a performer? We’re always accepting headshots and resumes.